Crepe Paper Flower Headpieces by Featured Artist Tiffanie Turner

October 06, 2013 0 Comments

Autumn -- yes this cherished time of year has finally arrived along with all the lovely things we come to cherish after a long summer...from cool nights and warm cider, to the howl of a brisk breeze under the moonlight. This season can bring out the best inspiration from us all! The joy of crafting and the love of creating a little magic with rich, Italian crepe paper is something we continue to enjoy sharing with you, and today we are pleased to present our first Carte Fini blog post with our much anticipated "Featured Artist" showcase!

We are launching the Featured Artist showcase with an extremely talented, versatile, and beautiful individual (inside and out)! Please meet Tiffanie Turner, along with her story and a fabulous tutorial she has created just for you! Check it out, and we hope you'll "Fall" for Tiffanie's stylish, and very chic spin on floral fun.

Check us out again next month for more of Tiffanie's wonderful creations and inspiration. Happy Fall, and happy crafting!
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