March 13, 2016 2 min read

Hi everyone!!!
I'm back with another festive design.
Before we start, I should tell you that you can choose any color crape paper to make this beautiful chandelier for any occasion or decorate any room you desire. For example, you can use a light gray from Carte Fini's color palette to make this beautiful chandelier for your living room since this color is in style for this season. The color choices are endless!!!
Ok here we go...these are the supplies you need to get started:
* 6 rolls of Carte Fini 180 gram crepe paper - I used Seaweed Nuance #600/5
* Glue gun
* Glue sticks (make sure you have enough)
* A paper globe chandelier (I bought mine from IKEA because they also sell the light kit for their paper globes)
* Scissors

Roll out 15 inches of your crepe paper and make a straight line cut along the width. Then fold your paper three times along the length and cut in half from across the length. Now start cutting the sword shapes along the width (grain) as shown in the picture. Do these steps with both halves of your paper that you cut originally. Next, you need to start adding a thin line of glue to the wider end of the paper and attach it to the inside bottom part of the paper globe. Repeat these steps until you have totally covered the inside of your paper globe:

Now cut some more paper as before and start covering the outside of the paper globe:

When you have completely covered one quarter of the outside of the chandelier with you darker to light paper, then start cutting your paper from light to dark so that you would add the glue to the yellow end and the tip would be green. Glue and overlap the end of the paper on top of the next paper fixing it on top of the edge of one another:
When you have reached half way point on the paper globe, start bending 1 inch from the end towards yourself as shown in the picture so that the tip of the paper would stick up a little:
Repeat this procedure until you have completely covered you chandelier with your crepe paper. When you reach the edge at the top of the chandelier, glue the strips of your paper to the inside of the globe:

Well done you have successfully made your very beautiful chandelier!!!!

Remember that this beautiful piece can be used as a chandelier in your living room or dining room. It can be a very elegant addition to your bedroom or for wedding venues...the possibilities are endless!!!

Please review the beautiful choice of colors on the Carte Fini color chart and choose the color of your choice. I would love to hear your feedback regarding this tutorial. Also please visit my website at

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