Design Master - spray color and dyes

Design Master has been offering their unique, high-quality products for years, catering to crafters, artists and even such specific niches as fresh-flower purveyors! In the course of engaging with our customers and the entire crepe paper craft community, Carte Fini has embraced the popular and growing trend whereby crafters and artists are utilizing these tints and dyes to enhance their paper floral designs. It turns out that Design Master spray colors are an ideal compliment and method for applying color to your delicate creations.

Just for Flowers Spray Dyes provide transparency for the most natural addition of color...(i.e., details remain visible!) Fast Drying for Fast Results. Sheer color provides easy value control and color blending. Tint with a light application or layer coats to deepen the color. And don't forget "Color Shifting" possibilities...another technique that allows for layering color-on-color for virtually infinite variations!

ColorTool Spray's translucent to opaque color provides for versatile applications on both delicate and hard surfaces - from fresh flowers, Styrofoam"' brand foam, tulle, ribbon, paper to wicker, wood, glass, plaster, resin, metal and more. Fast-drying color in rich, satin finish means your project won't keep you waiting. These are must-have hues for today's muted palettes!

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