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Hi Everyone,
Carte Fini and I are returning for another tutorial. Although the title of this tutorial is Christmas Ornaments, you can use these ornaments for any decoration. Lets get started. 
Here are the items you need:
* Your choice of high quality Carte Fini 180 gram Italian crepe paper. I have used:
* One 2 inch foam ball
* Hot glue gun
* Scissors
* Needle nose pliers
* 28 gage gold wire
* Petal Template 1 1/2 inches wide and 3 inches long

First, let cut 30 inches of your choice of Carte Fini Crepe paper and fold it along the grain 3 times so you end up with a 3 1/2 inch width paper. Then use the petal template to cut 35 pieces:
Take one petal and hold the bottom with your thumb and index finger and your other thumb and index finger to curve the top:

Hold the petal with your thumbs on each side. Then collapse your thumbs inward to crate a cup shape:

Now place the 2 inch foam ball on the back of the petal and wrap the petal around the foam ball:

Use the hot glue gun to place a dot of glue on one side of the foam ball and hold the petal on the glue until it dries. Perform the same process for the other side of the petal:

Now place a dot of hot glue on the bottom of the petal and hold it against the foam ball until it dries:

Place another petal on the opposite side of the foam ball and hot glued it just as mentioned above:

Repeat this process until the rose bud is formed:

Next, form a petal as mentioned above but make a slight spoon shape instead. Then glue it to your rose bud:

Continue this process until you have a half bloom rose:

Take a petal and shape it as shown above but this time, make a cup shape a little deeper. Also, use your fingers to turn the top part of the petal outward away from you. Then add a dot of hot glue to the side and end of the petal and glue it to your rose:

Continue this process until you have a full bloom rose:

Next, we are going to attach the wire that is used to hang the flower. Cut 10 inches of the 28 gage gold wire and bring the two ends together. Then twist until the ends are firmly secured together:

Then place a dot of hot glue strategically on the back of the rose as shown below and place the wire on the glue until the glue cools off:

After securing the wire, glue the last petal on top of the area that the wire was glued to hide the attached end of the wire:

Congratulations!!! You have just finished making your first rose ornament. I hope that you have enjoyed making these beautiful rose ornaments with me:

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Nancy Zabriskie
Nancy Zabriskie

February 19, 2016

Beautiful—-thank you

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