February 13, 2022 1 min read

lamintaing metallic crepe paper rose

Cartotecnica Rossi produces beautiful Metallic Italian Crepe Paper  - In its original form, each roll has a wonderful and shiny metallic color that is coated on one side only.  Here you will see how I laminated it to create a "double-sided" version to be used for your own creations. 


1- Supplies: Crepe Paper (I used Italian Cartotecnica Rossi Crepe Paper from Carte Fini)

 lamintaing metallic crepe paper collage

2- Begin by cutting desired pieces. I recommend to cut smaller pcs no bigger than 4"x4"

 Laminating Italian Metallic Crepe Paper pieces

3- Next, apply the glue generously on half of the sheet. Fold over and press down firmly. You can also use any scraper. This will press the glue into all crevasses.


4- Let pieces dry for about 10 min.


5- You can fold, cut your petals and shape very easily. The pieces do not harden and are very flexible.

So, there you have it!... ***Beautiful Laminated Crepe Paper.***

Thank you and happy crafting!

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