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The Czar Camellia Tutorial
Created by Catherine Oxley, BOUQ Paper Flowers- @bouqpaperflowers

 The Czar Camellia Tutorial

Set hearts on fire with the sultry and passionate Camellia flower, the flower of love. In this free tutorial, you will create a wearable flower brought to life using a selection of Carte Fini crepe papers. See the highlights of this tutorial below and a list of all the materials you will need. When youre ready to get started, enroll for FREE and receive full video instructions, plus all the templates at BOUQ Paper Flowersschool.bouqpaperflowers.com!


90gm CarteFini #364Crepe Paper (Red Wine)
180gm CarteFini #17E/5 Crepe Paper (Daisy Yellow)
60gm CarteFini #303 Crepe Paper (White Cream)

Craft Felt in natural tone (coloursafe)
Blanks: Lapel, Brooch, Hairpin, your choice

Aleen's Tacky Glue
Hot glue gun Cup or container to mix glue
Paint brush for glue
Skewer (bamboo or metal)
Scissors, Ruler, Wire cutters, pliers

1 x 18 gauge wire

Bone Folder
PanPastels: Yellow Ochre, Raw Umber

1. All the items you will need for this tutorial and some optional ones as well. Not seen here is a hot glue gun, youll need one!

The Czar Camellia Tutorial

 2. By creating a series of folds in the yellow paper and layering it with a fine white paper, we create the strip that will become the golden stamen of the flowers center. The Czar Camellia Tutorial

3. A fine fringing of your stamen strip will give you organic looking results!

The Czar Camellia Tutorial 

 4. The completed flower stamen and pistil are the focal point of the flower. The Czar Camellia Tutorial

 5. Learn how to bring more realism and variance to your petals so they appear natural and textured

 The Czar Camellia Tutorial

6. The best part of the tutorial, shaping! You wont want to be without these tricks to sculpt and create realistic looking petals!

 The Czar Camellia Tutorial

7. Where it all comes together. With some careful planning of petal placement, your flower will gain a natural appearance, like it was just picked from the garden!

The Czar Camellia Tutorial

8. Wow, a beautiful Czar Camellia from paper! But wait, now you have to decide how youll wear YOUR flower.

 The Czar Camellia Tutorial

9. I demonstrate how to install a lapel pin blank on the back of the flower so it can be worn with your little black dress or for a pop of colour on your favourite jacket.

The Czar Camellia Tutorial

10. Project complete! This flower has a Luxe vibe, be prepared to be asked “where did you buy that?” We wont tell😉

Interested in making your own Czar Camellia wearable flower? Then grab all of the materials you need here at Carte Fini and head to BOUQ Paper Flowersschool.bouqpaperflowers.com to enroll now. Did I mention this is a FREE tutorial?! Yes! And when you enroll in the course, you get 1 hour of video instruction to create this flower, all the templates and unlimited access to the course forever! Dont forget to tag your work with @bouqpaperflowers and use #czarcamellia to have your work seen! Have fun friends 😊

Thank you Carte Fini for having me as a featured artist.  Your gorgeous papers are instrumental to this art form and I love them all!


This tutorial should not be used for any commercial purpose. We appreciate your understanding.

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Catherine Oxley
Catherine Oxley

April 15, 2022

The center is simply the tip of the wire wrapped with a little of the golden paper. If you access the full video tutorial at school.bouqpaperflowers.com, you will see all of the details. Thanks for joining in!

Helene Matthews
Helene Matthews

February 10, 2022

This flower is absolutely beautiful. I am confused, however, when I look at the picture after #3. It shows the very centre of the flower which is a darker orange with something very small in the very middle. You never show how you did the middle before you put the fringe of stamen on. What do you put the stamen around?? Thank you for any help you can provide.

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