June 08, 2019 2 min read

It was my great honor and privilege recently to sponsor, attend and even contribute to a most unique and special event... the first ever "Paper Florists Collective Masterclass".

To be sure, this was a world-class informational and instructional symposium catering specifically to the burgeoning paper florist industry. That's right!...there are now more and more artists that are turning their paper floral creations, that was perhaps once simply an avocation, into flourishing businesses!

The focus of this first Masterclass primarily centered on the wedding industry. Here is a description of the event as explained by the primary coordinator, Quynh Nguyen:

"The 2019  Paper Florists Collective Masterclass is a place to connect and engage with other people in the wedding industry, and learn… We are offering this Masterclass because we believe that through education and networking we can elevate our art and our paper floral businesses to new heights. We want to connect you with well-known talents in the wedding industry — seasoned florists, veteran photographers, and high-end wedding planners — so YOU can expand your paper floral business to new heights. We want to take your business dreams and goals and turn them into reality!”


The class itself ran over a full four days (April 9-12, 2019). Conducting the course, along with coordinator Quynh Nguyen of Pink and Posey, were Jessie Chui of Crafted to Bloom and Priscilla Park of Sophia and Rose Collective. Professional photographers, fresh-flower florists and wedding planners rounded out the pool of instructional talent. 


While many of those that enrolled in the Masterclass were from the United States, there were a few that came from as far away as Australia and Japan. The attendees/students enjoyed an intimate learning environment filled with hands on classes, panel discussions, and demos. Besides learning about how to be paper florists in the wedding industry, they were working with real flowers (often integrating their paper floral versions within fresh floral bouquets!) and making paper flowers using various crepe paperweights from 180 grams to 60 grams.

Ultimately everyone, students and instructors alike, had a wonderful time, made many new contacts and friends and came away with a wealth of invaluable knowledge and skills that will allow them to grow their craft and take their businesses to new heights!

Thank you all for the opportunity to meet, contribute and learn from such wonderful artists and professionals. Looking forward to the next year's masterclass!....




Photo credit: Caroline Tran - @carolionetran



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