August 31, 2021 1 min read

Try out this fun crepe paper project from Johanna Oliver of @BLACK_TREE_DESIGNS

Here she takes you through the process to create her gorgeous lavender! Read Johanna's comments about this project:

"I experimented with laminating 90gms crepe paper with colours 356 and 360, using fusible web. The combination of the Peach and Rose Distant Drums work beautifully and perfect for so many flowers. I had been wanting to create some Lavender and thought these colours would make for a beautiful and realistic colouration when sprayed with a coat of Lilac Satin and Violet. I was thrilled at how well the paper received the spray and when fully outstretched, pops of the Peach and Rose play off beautifully against the Violet. I then laminated 366 Green Olive also with fusible web for the leaves and the sculptability was fantastic. Also, this colour is so vibrant and fresh and the texture of the laminated crepe paper is wonderful. I love using this paper, especially that it’s so versatile, delicate looking yet super strong."

Here is what you will need:

crepe paper lavender materials

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