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Hi Everyone!!! I am back with a Carte Fini tutorial to get you ready for Thanksgiving. 

Carte Fini has the highest quality Italian made crepe paper. To view the available papers and colors, please go to

In this tutorial, we will be making a Dahlia. Please refer to my previous tutorials to make your roses. 

These are the items you need for this tutorial to make the centerpiece shown above:
*Dahlias - Salmon Pink 60 gram crepe paper (Carte Fini item #200)
                 White 60 gram crepe paper (Carte Fini item #330)
                 Camelia Pink 60 gram crepe paper (Carte Fini item #201)
*Roses -   Burgundy 180 gram crepe paper (Carte Fini item #588)
*Leaves - Venetian Gold Metallic 180 gram crepe paper (Carte Fini item #807)
*Hot glue gun
*16 gage wire
*Cotton balls
*Paper tweezers

Lets get started...First, cut 15 inches of the Salmon Pink crepe paper.. Then cut 2 inches across the grain. Next, fold the paper 6 times and cut the dahlia shape petals. They should be 2 inches long and 1/2 inch wide as shown in the picture:

Next, cut a 3 inch square from the Salmon Pink crepe paper and slightly stretch the paper. Then place a cotton ball in the middle of the square and bring in the corners and form it in to a ball to create the Dahlia bud:

Take the 16 inch wire and use the pliers to bend one end in to a hook to create a stem. Now tie the bottom of the bud to the stem using the thread as shown in the picture:

Place your thumbs on either side of the petal and collapse your thumbs inward to create a cup shaped petal. Now hold the top edge of the petal with the paper tweezers and roll away from you to shape the edge of the petal:

Next, place a dot of hot glue on the petal and affix it to the bud. Use the thread to tie the bottom of the petal to the stem. Perform the same process until you have the first few layers of your petals:

Now lets follow the same process to make the petals but this time, use the tweezers to bend the top of the petals a little less inward:

Lets cut some more petals but this time, we are going to cut them 3 inches long and 3/4 inch wide. Then shape them as indicated above and use some thread to tie the petals to the stem:

Repeat this process until you have rounded your beautiful Dahlia:

Congratulations!!! You have completed the Dahlia tutorial.
I would love to hear any feedback or answer any questions you may have. Please visit to view some of my creations.

All the Best,

Thanksgiving centerpiece

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July 24, 2020

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


October 20, 2018

Beautiful creations!!!!
God bless you talent

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