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Orange and Purple Gerbera
1. Finely fringe a piece of brown paper 22 x 2cm. Finely fringe a piece of orange paper 22 x 2.2cm. Fringe a piece of orange paper 23 x 2.5cm with a gap of 0.3cm and twist each of the fringe pieces. Cut a piece of 23 x 3cm of orange and use pinking shears to cut the top and using your thumb shape and curl each fringe. Cut a piece of 40 x 5cm of orange paper and cut the top with round pinking shears, using your thumb again, run your thumb from bottom to top so each petal has a cup shape.
2. Wrap the entire brown piece around the floral wire. You may want to trim a bit off so it is level.
3. Wrap the first piece of the orange around the brown piece, use pinking shears to cut the top part of the orange.
4. Wrap the twisted fringe piece around the first piece of the orange.
5. Wrap the next piece of orange around the twisted piece.
6. Wrap the final piece of the orange, making sure that each petal are in between the other petals. Once glued, run your thumbs from the middle part and outwards of the flower to shape it.
Black Rose

1. Cut five 5x3cm, three 5x4cm and twelve 5.5x4cm of black. Cut all pieces into a tear drop shape.
2. Cup two of the 5x3cm, and curl the top of the petal and then cup the remaining three. For the 5x4cm pieces, curl the top and cup the petals.
3. For the 5.5x4cm, use a skewer stick to roll both sides of the top and then cup the petals.
4. To make the centre part, I used toilet paper to shape the centre into a bud shape.
5. Glue a piece of 5x3cm cup shaped petal around the bud.
6. Glue the second piece of 5x3cm cup shaped petal around the first piece.
7+8. Glue the remaining 5x3cm petals overlapping each other.
9. Glue the three 5x4cm cupped petals
10,11+12. Glue on the last twelve 5.5x4cm
Purple Rose buds
Follow the rose steps 1 - 2 using only five 5x3 and two 5x4cm
Purple Rose leaves
Cut a piece of 4x3cm diagonally and glue a piece of floral wire in the middle. Cut the piece into a rose leaf shape.
Spray paint your pumpkin and glue all of your flowers and leaves to the pumpkin. You can add as many or a little to the pumpkin. Hope you enjoy the tutorial.

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November 06, 2020

Lindo teu trabalho… parabéns… um abraço

Donna Sadler
Donna Sadler

October 14, 2019

LOVE THIS! Thank You for sharing I have a glass pumpkin cookie jar that will make a lovely center piece hopefully as beautiful as yours.

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